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Hope Pure Blend Essential Oil


With this Quartz Spa pure essential oil, there’s more than one way to fill your world and your senses with hope; use our signature blend in your oil burner, add a small drop to a relaxing bath, pop a drop on your pillow or even just mix with your favourite body lotion for a blissful twist to your daily routine.

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Hope Blend Key Ingredients
  • Spearmint – Combats tiredness and fatigue and helps to alleviate anxiety.

  • Vanilla – Beloved the world over for its sensual aroma and comforting qualities.

  • Sweet Orange – Joyous, uplifting aroma with tremendous skin brightening properties.

  • Geranium – Renowned for its calming qualities and ability to balance hormones and improve circulation.

  • Lime – Offers essential zest and freshness to stimulate the senses.

  • Petitgrain – Famous for its calming, relaxing aroma; aids restful sleep and reduces tension.

  • Ylang Ylang – Passionate floral aroma uplifts and induces feelings of joy and hope; also utilised the world over as a natural aphrodisiac and cherished by cosmetic companies for its hydrating properties.

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