“ I set out to create a holistic aromatherapy treatment range that is both effective and luxurious and tackles the stresses and strains on modern life.”

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Building on Crystal Clear’s years of ground-breaking innovation and expertise in skincare, this crystal-infused aromatherapy range has been developed especially to offer spas and salons a unique collection that is centred on wellbeing and rebalancing.

Partnered with a stunning retail range, enhanced by the therapeutic healing effects of quartz crystals, Crystal Clear Quartz Spa is the ultimate addition to any spa or retailer that wants to work with one of the most innovative skincare companies in the world.

Why Quartz

Quartz Crystal propagates pure and powerful energy. It improves the quality of life and makes you feel happier. It re-energises and balances in all situations and is the most sacred and powerful of stones.

Quartz Infused Spa Products

Quartz Spa is the only spa range to offer Crystal Infusion as an integral part of the product range. Within every product are Quartz Crystals – working to charge and rebalance the body and mind.

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