Become A Quartz Spa

Partner with Quartz Spa for your business and you will be working with one of the most experienced and renowned salon businesses in the industry, Crystal Clear – Founders of Microdermabrasion therapy and with over 2000 established in salons world-wide.

Become A Quartz Spa

Become a Quartz Spa and grow your client base and profits with our breakthrough therapies and retail range.

Quartz Spa is the perfect range for a boutique spa or salon. An exciting new principle using the ‘Master Healer’ Quartz crystals, Quartz Spa blends aromatherapy with crystal healing practices to offer one of the most powerful and therapeutic spa experiences available.

Why Quartz

Quartz Spa has been built on the principle of combining positive energy vibrations through Quartz with 3 beautifully unique aromatherapy blends. Enabling you to treat each unique customer with their very own bespoke Quartz Spa experience.

The Journeys of Hope, Energise, and Happiness are designed to target a broad spectrum of varying positive and negative energy, meaning everyone benefits from Quartz Spa’s targeted therapy programme.

New Customers, Repeat Business

Quartz Spa stays with you long after you have left the treatment room. Our natural essential oils are worked deep into the skin, helping the body release the toxins that unbalance us. In addition, after every treatment all your clients will leave with their very own Quartz crystal, which will help maintain that positive energy from the treatment.

Crystal Clear is synonymous with innovation. That’s why no other brand uses the Quart ‘master-healer’ Crystals in their aromatherapy range. With minimal investment you will be offering your clients a unique menu of bespoke aromatherapy treatments that cannot be found anywhere else.

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