Our therapies have been designed as rituals that take into consideration the mind, body and spirit – rebalancing and restoring you both inside and out.

Mind Body & Spirit

Our focus in all Quartz Spa Treatment Rituals is the consideration of mind, body, spirit connection from a rebalancing, restorative perspective, both internally and externally.


Massage Ritual

Designed to rebalance, oxygenate, detoxify, hydrate and smooth the skin. Your chosen oil is warmed and massaged into the body using Rose Palm Stones to restore joy, harmony, energy, hope and total happiness to the mind, body and spirit.


Face Neck & Shoulder Ritual

A wonderful additional treatment to compliment any of the Quartz Spa Rituals. A totally relaxing upper body tension. The microcirculation is boosted and lymphatic drainage is improved. A lovely treatment experience incorporating pressure points to release to ease tension, stress and to generally switch off.


Scrub & Wrap Ritual

Engulf your senses in an incredible, soothing and nourishing treatment for total body rejuvenation. The scrub removes emotional and physical debris, then the wrap layers in the vibrational healing goodness, drenching the body with re-mineralising, rebalancing, cleansing and detoxifying ingredients. Meanwhile, the quartz crystal placement restores total equilibrium to the mind, body, and soul and aids weight loss.


Detox Wrap

A results driven ritual that effectively layers in the vibrational healing goodness; drenching the body with re-mineralising ingredients , including Bladderwrack, and Arnica to rebalance, cleanse and detoxify. This treatment includes full body brushing to help draw out impurities and releasing toxins. It is the perfect wrap to gently de-stress the mind whilst restoring the body, bringing back lustre, tone and rehydration while assisting with weight loss and reducing the appearance of cellulite. 


Realign And Rebalance

This incredibly intense treatment is focussed on the back and back of the arms. Combining a deeply cleansing scrub, detoxifying wrap and back massage, this is designed to rebalance, and detox whilst massaging away the aches and pains and postural imbalances of the back, especially for those who spend long hours sat at a desk. Leaving you feeling revived and glowing.


Aromatherapy Back Ritual

Get beautiful back! This incredibly intense, nourishing treatment combines a deeply cleansing scrub, massage and wrap to rebalance the stress of today’s hectic lifestyles. Designed to rebalance, tone and condition whilst massaging away the aches and pains and postural imbalances of the back. Quartz Spa’s powerful Signature Back Ritual will remove stagnant energy, tension and toxins from the back and by association, the whole body. Leaving you feeling revived, glowing and beautifully rebalanced.


Jet Lag Reviver

Release muscle tension, stimulate your circulation and rebalance your body and mind with this therapeutic restorative massage that will help you to reset your body clock. Paying particular attention to areas such as calves, legs, shoulders and back, this reviving treatment will put a spring back in your step.


Pure Heaven Ritual

The ultimate spa indulgence, a hand and arm treatment which uses quartz crystal as a massage aid, to impart energy and harmony. Our powerful dead sea salt body scrub, along with your choice of Quartz Spa scent blend, is used to smooth skin on the tops of arms, elbows and around dry cuticles, while the essential oil blend soothes your senses and transports you a world away. Then a full arm and hand massage with a beautiful co-ordinating massage oil containing Strawberry Seed, Grape Seed and Avocado Oils leaves skin soft, supple and nourished.


Relaxing Beautiful Mum-To-Be Massage

A gentle relaxing massage treatment perfect once you’ve passed your first trimester. Using our un-fragranced Calm Face and Body Oil, which contains no essential oils so is 100% pregnancy safe. This treatment is focussed on pampering the body, reducing anxiety and relieving muscle aches and joint pains, promoting deep relaxation for the wellbeing of both mother and baby.


Crystal Facial

A relaxing face, neck and décolletage experience using Rose Quartz Palm Stones and our beautiful Calm Face, Body and Massage Oil. Incorporating pressure points to release tension, the microcirculation in the face is boosted and lymphatic drainage is improved.


Crystal Scrub

This all over aromatherapy scrub leaves your skin beautifully soft and you feeling beautiful inside and out. A lavish ritual that effectively removes sluggish energy and dead cells at a vibrational level. The luxurious, mineral rich, vibrational scrub smoothes, re-mineralises, hydrates and revitalises the skin. This is the ultimate spa scrub, turning back the clock to leave the skin looking youthful, supple and smooth. Our powerful mix of oils, nourish, repair and leave skin glowing on the outside while the Quartz Crystal Seal of Solomon ritual looks after the inner you.


Aromatherapy Lifestyle Ritual - Scrub / Wrap / Massage

Our hero ritual releases tension in every part of your body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and recharged making this experience the ultimate discovery for stress reduction and body rejuvenation. Mineral Body Scrub smoothes skin from head to toe, allowing the Detox Wrap to add back in layers of vibrational healing goodness, whilst drawing out any further toxins. A full body massage completely harmonises the mind, body and soul. During the quartz placement ritual, master healing quartz crystals heal and recharge on a physical and emotional level to deliver a truly holistic treatment, inside and out.


Skinny Arms

Get ready to bare arms, tackle problem zones and tighten up your skin tone. This focused body brush and wrap treatment will draw out toxins, firm up sagging skin and leave you feeling body confident.


Skinny Legs

The perfect addition to any treatment, this intense body brush and leg wrap draws out toxins, reduces water tension and firms the skin – fighting cellulite and giving you pretty pin perfection.

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